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Subject: Island Radio Fusion Fuertev entura Shop

Can and More Island Radio Online Shop Fuerteventura/ Corralejo/ Villaverde

Find accesoirs like hats, t-shirts for men and women, coffee mugs or golf caps with your own advertising in the fan shop.


"FRIENDS, today we are open again from 11.00 am with both terraces !!! MY music CAN CAFÉ at El Campanario in Corralejo, looking forward to seeing YOU" !!!

Our radio on FM 98.5 island radio and Can-And-More webradio!

Just click in can-and-more.com, there you can click on one of the blue wish APP links or on the red Stream24 Webplayer button and you are there besides, simply left in the bar under CAN WEB-RADIO button then opens a popup with the HTML5 radio player, which is also compatible with many mobile devices.

Pay us a visit. I look forward to meeting new listeners @https://www.can-and-more.com

 Argodoy Fortaleza Teneriffe MojosMojo Saucen Argodey Fortaleza Teneriffa

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Mojo Picón Picante (Pikant)

Without Gluten!

Mojo Picón Picante. Typical canary sauce can be used with all kinds of fisch, meat, vegetable, "Gofio Escalado", boiled potatoes etc.

Without Gluten!

Product subjected to pasteurization. Keep in a cool, dry place and protected for direct sunlight. Once opened store refrigerated maximum 30 Days. Stir before opening.

1* Premio Gastronomia Canaria 2000
"Argodey Fortaleza" Teneriffe Canary Islands

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"El Arco" Surf Café & specialty Coffee Roaster in Fuerteventura. Shop online a small selection some of the best coffee beans world wide. Select grinded or ungrinded (see item/ Drop down menue).

Category details:

Surf * Café El Arco Lajares Fuerteventura

Delicios coffee beans, freshly roasted "El Arco" Surf * Cafe.

Product details:

Sierra Nevada Colombia Organic

Coffee beans

Origin: Sierra Nevada/ Santa Marta

Flavor: Caramel, nut, brown sugar, lemon, orange

Altitude: 1400 - 2000 mtr.

Process: Washed

"El ARCO" Surf * Café Lajares/  Fuerteventura/ Canary Islands

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canarybeauty kokosoe.lWritten 10.04.2021 by J. Lion

Canary Beauty Organic Coconut Oil

This oil is extracted from coconuts from palms that grow in natural soils, without chemical fertilisers or insecticides, it is made from fresh green coconuts from which the oil is extracted in cold press, therefore they are characterised by their high content of aromatic properties and nutrients, these coconuts contain less pulp and consequently, oil.

This is one of our big differences to other ordinary coconut oils, which are made from fresh, ripe coconuts. These have more pulp and oil than green nuts, but are inferior in quality and texture. The second option is the use of coconut waste, a by-product of coconut production, as a raw material.

Therefore, 100% organic coconut oil guarantees a high content of nutrients and antioxidants from the raw material which, when in contact with the skin, activates the production of collagen and elastin in the epidermis, restoring elasticity and preventing the formation of wrinkles, as well as stimulating the regenerative process, It is therefore excellent for body treatments such as exfoliations, massages, to moisturize the skin, to remove make-up among other things, it can also be used as a base for the preparation of scrubs and homemade creams that are described in the booklet attached to each package of our 100% Organic Coconut Oil.

Canarybeauty Luxury Body Lotion

logo eidechse weissBecome a team player and order for friends at the same time. Save up to 30% or buy 4 for 3 hot & cold gel. Find fresh and original Aloe Vera (Barbadensis Miller) Gel as well as our cosmetic series directly from the manufacturer "fuerteALOE" from Fuerteventura/ Corralejo. To save more on higher quantities such as packages or pallets of items, contact us to receive the lower prices for all other "FUERTEALOE" items and order free shipping and unlimited quantities.

NATURDEL Canary Facial and Body Care. Aloe Vera Canario. Here you will find a range of highly moisturising cosmetics that, with their high content of Fuerteventura Aloe Vera, protect the skin from dryness, preserve the balance of the lipoprotein and protect the skin from external aggressions. Body milk, pure gel, sunscreen, after-sun, regenerative and multi-action moisturizing cream with a long-lasting effect - suitable for all skin types. Canarian Aloe Vera (Barbadensis Miller) of the best quality in skin, sun and hair care. Enjoy the benefits of Canary Islands Aloe Vera with Naturdel, in your online shop. BIO ALOE VERA
From CAAE certified organic agriculture
BRIELLE CANARIAS S.L. 35660 Corralejo

Spirulina2Fuerteventura online shop for Spirulina microalgae. Our Spirulina dry granules, based on the organic cultivation of the cyanobacterium Arthrospira platensis, offer great benefits due to their high content of proteins, vitamins and minerals.
The excellent environmental conditions of the island of Fuerteventura and the care with which we grow it make our spirulina a unique product with great nutritional benefits and with the highest phycocyanin content on the market.
Spirulina can help compensate for deficiencies in the daily diet due to a lack of nutrients in our modern diet of overly processed foods. Spirulina has been called a superfood because of its high nutrient concentration. Taking Canary Spirulina daily will promote your wellbeing. #Spirulina Mikroalgen. They contain proteins, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, omega-6 fatty acids as well as a powerful antioxidant, anti-ageing agent and detoxifier. It also provides extra energy. Thanks to its high content of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it can stimulate hair growth. The antioxidant effect counteracts ageing thanks to chlorophyll, retinoids, linoleic acids, vitamin E and beta-carotenes. My Spirulina product description: It is not recommended to exceed the maximum recommended daily dose of 50 g.

  • 100 g: 21.20 EUR
  • Item + pack. weigt: 125 g
  • Container: Biophotonic glass
  • Dosage: 5 -10 g daily
  • Best before: 08.22

Spirulina Fuerteventura by Peter Schilling since 2002

500ml.gel"We have starded Fuerte Aloe with a simple vision, to deliver highest quality most natural and purest Aloe Vera based Premium Skincare Range"

We were well aware of the nourishing qualities of Aloe Vera which is the most prominent plant at Canary Islands. The climate and soil here at Canary Islands is best suited for the growth and development of Aloe plant as compared to other parts of the world. And we were also aware of how beauty and skincare industry is flooded with the range of products that are too harsh and damaging to our skin.

So, we came up with the plan of launching a range of skincare products with their base as pure Aloe Vera gel so that they can really soothe and nourish the skin in the most natural way and can really do good to the skin.

We have continually updated and enhanced our formulas to make our skincare more effective and more natural. And we aim at continuing to do the same, to keep on innovating and keep on spreading the goodness of Aloe Vera in this beauty & skincare world.

Aloe Vera has been growing in the Canary Islands for years and share an extensive history. For the perfect growth, Aloe Vera needs plenty of Sunshine, warm, dry, and windy subtropical climate. Excess water and temperature lower than 10 ºC are not suitable for the growth of this plant.

Mild and stable climate that lasts most of the year, long hours of sunshine, the humidity of the air thanks to the proximity to the sea, minimum rainfall, constant trade winds, the volcanic soil which not only nourishes the plants with its rich minerals, but also ensures that any excess water drains quickly because it is so porous, make Canary Islands as one of the best places for growing Aloe Vera.

These most favorable conditions at the Islands helps the plant to develop fully with all its potential. Scientific studies also reveal that aloe grown in the Canary Islands have higher concentration of Active components (almost three times) as compared to other regions in the world. For instance, Canary Aloe has a lot of Acemannan, a type of sugar with multiple beneficial effects, as compared to the Aloe grown at other places.

MessageToOrder3We don't know lockdown and we are not a risky area, so everything goes its way. We my suppliers are constantly in the process of manufacturing their items in my online shop and most importantly, the post office in Corralejo is open so I can process your orders. Yes, we take orders!
My virtual portal #www.Fuerteventura-Shop.com.com is a product & shipping weight operating system so you can see all the product descriptions, with weights written by hand (errors not excluded) attached to each item. Like the local post office (Correos) I have a national as well as international shipping price list according to the weight of each item. I transfer these current shipping prices within the administrative backend in the shipping type list, including packaging and material costs. This means for you, that the weight of each article can be compared in the shipping costs button to find out what exactly costs 20 g, 500 g, 1 kg or more (calibrated up to 10 kg.) to Europe, Spain or USA. Support LOCAL companies Sample product description

Item plus packaging weight: 375 g
Letter mail: € ≈ 101 - 500 g

preperadas logo@LEO & Prepared delicacies, here not because of its Mojo Palmero or Jam Extra, but especially its rare fig cactus juice based on the Tuno Indio (#opuntia dillenii), Fuerteventura's. Increase your energy and fitness! With cactus juice (Tuno indio fig juice), a sugar-free or slightly sweetened, slightly sour but refreshing.
Ideal for a fasting or spa treatment. This rare juice is rich in antioxidants, eliminates free radicals, supports and increases the well-being of your body in general, lowers coloesterol, is rich in iron and potassium, and relatively high in vitamin C. It helps with the purification and complaints of the spleen, liver and kidneys.

Ingredients: Fig cactus juice (35% tuno indio opuntia dillenii), water, sugar, preservatives.

Craftsman product Fuerteventura # #Preperados LEO

Dropdouwn Menu #Sugar: with/ without
fruit content at least: +35%
Dimension: 0.25 Ltr Glass container/ 1Ltr. reusable container
After opening, preferably to consume, under: 3 - 12 days
Minimum shelf life: 1 year
Shipping incl. packaging costs: € (EUR) = 501 - 1001 - 2000 g

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