GetSupport3My virtual portal #www.Fuerteventura, is an operating system based on product weight so you can see all product descriptions, with weight information written by hand (errors not excluded).
The local post office (Correos), leads a national as well as international dispatch price list after weight of the product. Since 2009, I enter these current prices within the administrative backend (list of shipping methods), including packaging and material costs (by the way, in the meantime I use newspaper, without bubble wrap, with exceptions to ensure safe arrival)

MessageToOrder3This means that the weight of the product can be checked against my #Shipping costs button to find out exactly how much cost 20 gr. or 1, 2 kg. or 6 kilograms to Europe, even Spain or USA.

With the knowledge of the product weight, click the #Shipping costs button to find out the exact shipping price.

Customs taxes, depending on the value of the goods, are not included in the price for import into the EU and USA. Spain and the Canary Islands are excluded from customs taxes.

Example Item info:

  • Item plus pack. weight: 375 g
  • Shipping incl.  pack. costs: € (EUR) = 101 - 500 g

Further, resulting customs duties at import, excluded.

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J. Lion
CEO/ Founder

preperadas logo@LEO & Prepared delicacies, here not because of its Mojo Palmero or Jam Extra, but especially its rare fig cactus juice based on the Tuno Indio (#opuntia dillenii), Fuerteventura's. Increase your energy and fitness! With cactus juice (Tuno indio fig juice), a sugar-free or slightly sweetened, slightly sour but refreshing.
Ideal for a fasting or spa treatment. This rare juice is rich in antioxidants, eliminates free radicals, supports and increases the well-being of your body in general, lowers coloesterol, is rich in iron and potassium, and relatively high in vitamin C. It helps with the purification and complaints of the spleen, liver and kidneys.

Ingredients: Fig cactus juice (35% tuno indio opuntia dillenii), water, sugar, preservatives.

Craftsman product Fuerteventura # #Preperados LEO

Dropdouwn Menu #Sugar: with/ without
fruit content at least: +35%
Dimension: 0.25 Ltr Glass container/ 1Ltr. reusable container
After opening, preferably to consume, under: 3 - 12 days
Minimum shelf life: 1 year
Shipping incl. packaging costs: € (EUR) = 501 - 1001 - 2000 g

Bernardo´s Marmelade (Jam) & Mojo Sauces Tahiche Lanzarote

The history of our #Company goes back to the end of the last century, when Don Bernardo owned several restaurants in the eighties and nineties. Since then he has been a curious and proactive person in the search for new flavors. In 1993, being the owner and chef of a restaurant in Lanzarote, he began to develop a jam from a fruit that he saw was in abundance on the island and which very few people used #Tuno indio (opuntia dillenii)

At first it was only produced in very small quantities, to be sold in one of the restaurants, as a souvenir of the gastronomy of the Canary Islands. Given the very quality of the restaurant, it was an essential requirement that these jams should keep that good work in their jars, in order to create a logical symbiosis between the local food and that souvenir that the customer could take home, where the hand-written taste was on the label.

Over the next few months some shops and small supermarkets would be interested in the products. Two years after the start, in 1995, the production and marketing company would be founded. During the following years, the company would maintain a sustainable growth, expanding the range, with its first employees and creating a solid brand being a reference of quality among customers and consumers.

The beginnings are never easy, but in this case, there is the handicap of doing business from an island, where industry is scarce and where, for imports, costs are high and possibilities are low. Getting jars, sugar, labels, machinery...

@Mojo Palmero

With our brand "Bernardos Salsas" we sell our Canary mojos, soft red and hot, and green. These are made with authentic #Palmpepper , which makes them one of the best mojos on the market. It competes with the recipe of the grandmother.


Natural Cosmetic

Aoe Vera & Toxo

The ultimate natural, simple and quick solution for everyday complaints.logo paso

Toxo Gel, is a concentrate of natural extracts from 10 plants, which thanks to its logo paso direct action can fight in a natural way alogo toxogainst logo toxo everyday complaints. Muscular fatigue, rheumatism, joint or back pain, disorders related to sports or daily activity, foot irritation, insect bites, minor burns or depilation.

The skilful combination and high concentration of 10 natural and organic active ingredients allows for a very intense cold-hot, localized action on the skin, creating an immediate feeling of natural well-being and leaving the skin soft and velvety.

Follow the brand "Toxogel" Aloe & Toxo on Arancha's Facebook Account!




8er setFuerteventura Ziegenmilch Seife
Made by, Esther!
Hexenküche, Zauberkraut - wir verleihen dir schöne Haut!
Handgemachte Ziegenmilchseife. Hergestellt, mit kaltgepresstem Olivenöl in absoluter Spitzenqualität. Papierverpackt!
In meiner Vitrine ein besonderes Souvenir (Fuerte Handtuch) und meine handgemachten Fuerteventura Ziegenmilchseifen als "Puzzle" in sechs (6) kleinen Seifen oder 100 gr. Stücke veredelt durch Aloe Vera (Barbadensis Miller), Zitrone, Lavendel, Rosmarin, als Peelingseife mit Sand sowie die Luxux Variante, Ziegenmilch Seife mit Luffa Schwamm.

Das Badezimmer ist einer der Orte, an dem wir die meisten kunststoffverpackten Produkte sammeln. Wechsle zu Seifenstücken. Nicht nur zum Händewaschen, sondern auch für Gesicht, Körper und Haare. Genieße die Aromen und Texturen meiner natürlichen Seifen, die reich an Olivenöl sind. Darüber hinaus hält ein Stück Seife viel länger als eine Flasche Badegel. Deine Haut wird vor der Einwirkung von Farbstoffen, künstlichen Parfüms, Parabenen und Konservierungsstoffen geschützt.

Folge hier der Seifenmacherin auf Fuerteventura's Ziegenmilch Seife Facebook Account!


Made by,  Natascha!

Finde in meiner Auslage erlesene Delikatessen wie Fuerteventura Schaumsalz (Espuma de Sal), veredelt mit Curry, Chilli, Limette, Mojo, Wasabi oder Natur. Sal Marina Ð Canarias® Ergründe den Geschmack bei Kaltgepresster BIO Aloe Vera (Barbadensis Miller), mit Agavensirup oder der wild wachsenden Kaktusfeige "Tuno Indio" (Opuntia dillenii), in "Maria's" Marmeladen sowie belebende Gewürze in Mild grüner oder pffefrig roter kanarischer Mojo Sauce. Ohne Konservierungsstoffe!mermeladas Mach die Erfahrung was es heißt Fuerteventura's inseltypischen "Majogrote" zu probieren der in unserer "Majorero" Kultur tief verwurzelt ist und seinen Ursprung einst in Olivenöl eingerieben und alt gereiften Rohmilch Ziegenkäse hat, mit streichfähiger Konsistenz. Auf Basis von "Tindaya Ziegenkäse".

Nach "Oma" Maria's Familienrezept auf Fuerteventura/ Agua de Buyes. 100% Frisch.

Folge der Original Fuerteventura Marke "El Mojo Ð Maria" hier, auf Natascha's Facebook Account!

50 flordecanariasKanarische Zigarren, auch auf Fuerteventura. Puros. Flor de Canarias und Tenerifitos.

Finden Sie hier Kanarische Zigarren, in der Holzschachtel. Hergestellt, auf Cran Canaria.

Versand, direkt von Fuerteventura! Preise, inklusive Ausfuhr Steuer (18.00 EUR).

Verkauf von Tabak (Kanarische Zigarren), ausschliesslich an Kunden über 18 Jahre!

Sie müssen Geburtsdatum und eine gültige ID Nummer ( Passport Nummer etc. ), in ihr Bestellformular eintragen.

Bestellungen ohne Geburtsdatum und ID Nummer sind ungültig, werden aber dann per Telefon oder e-mail Abgefragt!


6lnmrbp2Online Shop, für Kaffee Kaffee. Kaffeerösterei, ihrer Insel Fuerteventura. Café Café. Mit einem Duft, nach Kakao und Kaffee.

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