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Health benefits of canary tuno indio canary superfood. Healthy eating.


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A source of Ancestral Health

The Canary Island Prickly Pear Fig (Opuntia Dillenii) is harvested in the ravines and slopes under volcanoes. It grows on the leaves of the Nopales cactus brought to the Canary Islands centuries ago from the Americas where it has been a staple food for thousands of years. A hidden treasure of the Islands Rich in Fibre, Vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium Iron and Zinc it has been used in Canarian folk MEDICINE and by indigenous American peoples for hundreds of years.

Two dessert spoonfuls mixed with water, milk, juice, smoothie or yoghurt will suffice even in any combination with other foods or liquids of your choice.

Watch video of the ICIA (Canary Islands Institute of Agricultural Research) research on figs and their Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-diabetic properties and their contribution to Cancer, Obesity, Liver and others:

Improve your life in a delicious way, using our TINTO FIG (or Indian Tuno) from the Canary Islands as a topping on yoghurt, bowl, pudding, porridge and/or salads.

It is not the normal white or red Pico Figs known as prickly pears, this is a different variety, intense red and somewhat sour but tasty and impressive to the palate, with large spikes and thin skin also called penca bruja or tuno indio and that lives in desert environments of ravines and slopes under the volcanoes of the Canary Islands enclosing in its interior amazing properties many of which are yet to be discovered.

The Canary Island red prickly pear is one of the largest sources of betalains in the plant kingdom. Betalains have been shown in studies to improve circulation and sports performance. It also contains TAURINE which enhances reproductive life.

Organic. The properties of Indian Prickly Pear (Opuntia Dillenii) are remarkable.

Enjoy it instantly by adding a dessert spoonful to your favourite milk, juice or yoghurt. It can be used in cereals, yoghurts, desserts (ice cream, cakes, flan), drinks (cocktails, smoothies, teas and herbal teas), cheese and countless other ideas.

Low temperature dehydration. This manufacturing process allows the ingredients to retain all their nutritional values.

INGREDIENTS: Low temperature dehydrated Indian Prickly Pear (Red Fig/Opuntia Dillenii) and fibre, NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS!

Also used as a colouring agent, it does not contain nitrates and has better organoleptic properties than beetroot.


What is the Canarian Indian Tuno?

Toponymy of the Canary Islands: Tunera that grows in lowland areas and produces red prickly pear cactus (Opuntia dillenii).

The Tuno Indio Canario or Higo Tinto, is a fruit that grows on the leaves of the Nopales cactus, brought to the Canary Islands centuries ago from America. It belongs to the genus Opuntia, its scientific name is Opuntia Dillenii. Widely known as "Tuno Fig", with different names in different countries and regions such as nopal, agracejo fig, Indian fig. Tuno is a cylindrical fruit that has a firm outer skin with spikes and softer inner flesh. It is initially green and turns reddish pink as it ripens on most plants. It can be eaten raw, boiled or grilled. It is mainly used to make juices and jams. These tasty oval fruits sprout from the tops of the leaves of prickly pear cactus.

Being a cactus, the tuno plant can survive in dry weather conditions. It is said to have originated in Mexico and the northern countries of South America, which are in the arid to semi-arid climate categories. In these regions, it has been a staple food for thousands of years. It was later discovered that it was also used in the Middle East and India.

With increasing popularity, prickly pear cacti are now also cultivated in Europe and Australia. The fruit is prized not only for its taste but also for its health benefits. Its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-aging properties have made this prickly fruit popular.

Why are Indian prickly pears good?

Indian prickly pear is rich in many nutrients, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. This makes it a wonderful and healthy addition to your diet for both culinary and medicinal purposes. Their low cholesterol and saturated fat content makes them a suitable aid for people suffering from obesity and heart disease.

Extracted from the doctoral thesis:


The ripe fruit of Opuntia dillenii has been used in folk medicine as an anti-diabetic drug (Touil, Chemkhi, & Zagrouba, 2010) as well as in the Canary Islands (Diaz, Rodriguez, & Diaz, 2006). Perfumi, Tacconi (1996) cited by (Sharma, Rani, Kumar, Kumar, & Raj, 2015) determined that there is a scientific basis for this popular use, so the effects of red fruit juice on blood glucose levels in rabbits with normoglycaemic diabetes were evaluated with acceptable results.

Abdallah, Inas (2008) cited by (Sharma, Rani, Kumar, Kumar, & Raj, 2015) evaluated the possible curative role of Opuntia dillenii using streptozotocin (STZ) in rats induced by Diabetes mellitusin metabolic hyperglycaemia.

Pharmacological evaluation of Opuntia showed its efficacy as antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, antioxidant and anti-ulcerogenic agent Ahmed et al. (2005) cited by (Sharma, Rani, Kumar, Kumar, & Raj, 2015) reported the alcoholic extracts of flowers, fruits and stems of Opuntia dillenii has anti-inflammatory activity.

The freeze-dried aqueous extract of the fruits has been shown to have analgesic properties associated with anti-inflammatory effects.

This name hides a type of soluble fibre that may be unknown, but which provides numerous nutrients as part of a healthy, balanced diet. A viscous-looking element that, despite what many may think, is found in a multitude of everyday foods.

Nutritional benefits of mucilage

It is recommended, above all, for older people with high cholesterol, as it helps by creating a kind of gel that protects the arteries. Moreover, as it is a fibre, it is essential for constipation, as it promotes intestinal transit. It is through faecal waste that the body eliminates many of the toxins it does not need, and in this case, mucilage can become an ally.

Adults with diabetes

Used in Canarian folk medicine for over 100 years, taking some of the foods that contain this natural element will help to normalise blood sugar levels. In addition, mucilage plays an important role thanks to its favourable effect on reducing excessive secretions of the pancreas.

On the other hand, a food with a high mucilage content, such as Canary Island figs or chia seeds, is effective in reducing mucosal inflammation. This is why this compound is sometimes used as a home remedy if there is a cough or itchy throat due to catarrhal processes.

As if that were not enough, it also has a satiating effect, especially when the mucilage comes into contact with water, as it increases in volume and size. When this happens, it triggers an effect in the body that makes you feel less hungry. This is a signal to the brain to control appetite. This fibre is therefore suitable if you are looking to lose some weight.

An elderly person can also benefit from all the goodness of mucilage when it is used as an ointment with emollient properties to moisturise and care for the skin. It is therefore recommended for topical use in cases of wounds, skin cracks, ulcers, burns or cuts.
Let us now take a look at the nutritional information of this fruit.

Nutritional Information of the Tunos Figs

When we talk about the nutritional value of prickly pear, it contains magnesium, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins C and B, beta-carotene, iron, calcium, potassium and many other nutrients. Having a cup of this fruit can be a good source of a considerable part of the daily intake value of many vitamins and minerals. NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION

The anti-inflammatory effect was evaluated by carrageenan-induced rat assay. Loro et al. (1999) cited by (Sharma, Rani, Kumar, Kumar, & Raj, 2015) studied the freeze-dried aqueous extract of the fruits of the plant, which is used in traditional Canary Island medicine for gastrointestinal and bronchial problems, for which the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties were evaluated in rats and mice. In addition, the fruit is used for pleurisy, a popular, widespread use (Meza, 2011).


Amount per serving
Calories 61 Calories from fat 6
Daily Value* % Daily Value
Total Fat 1g 1% Saturated Fat 0g
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Trans Fat
Cholesterol 0mg 0% Sodium
Sodium 7mg 0mg
Total Carbohydrate 14g 5% Dietary Fiber 5g
Dietary Fibre 5g 21% Sugars
Protien 1g
Vitamin A 1% Vitamin C
Vitamin C 35% Calcium
Calcium 8% Iron


Vitamin a 64.1IU 1% Vitamin C 20.9mg 35% dv
Vitamin C 20.9mg 35% - - Vitamin D
Vitamin D - - -
Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) - - -
Vitamin K - - -
Thiamine 0.0mg 1% - - Thiamine 0.0mg 1% - - Riboflavin 0.1mg
Riboflavin 0.1mg 5% - Riboflavin 0.1mg 5% - Niacin 0.7mg
Niacin 0.7mg 3% - - Niacin 0.7mg 3% - Vitamin B6 0.1mg
Vitamin B6 0.1mg 4% - - Vitamin B6 0.1mg 4% - Folate
Folate 8.9mcg 2% - - Folate 8.9mcg 2% - Vitamin B12 0.0mcg
Vitamin B12 0.0mcg 0%
Pantothenic acid - -
Choline - -
Betaine - - Betaine
Vitamin C 35% - - Vitamin C 35
Amounts per selected serving % DV
Calcium 83.4mg 8% Calcium 83.4mg 8% Iron
Iron 0.4mg 2% Iron 0.4mg 2% Magnesium 127mg 32% Magnesium
Magnesium 127mg 32% Phosphorus
Phosphorus 35.8mg 4% Phosphorus 35.8mg 4% Potassium
Potassium 328mg 9% Sodium
Sodium 7.5mg 0% Zinc 0.2mg
Zinc 0.2mg 1% Zinc 0.2mg 1% Copper 0.1mg
Copper 0.1mg 6% Manganese - - - - - Copper 0.1mg 6% Manganese
Manganese - -
Selenium 0.9mcg 1% Selenium 0.9mcg 1% Fluoride
Fluoride - -
Amounts per Selected Serving % DV
Total fat 0.8g 1% - Saturated fat 0.1g
Saturated fat 0.1g 0%
Monosaturated fat 0.1g
Polyunsaturated fat 0.3g
Total trans fatty acids -
Total trans-monoenoic fatty acids - Total trans-monoenoic fatty acids - Trans-polyunsaturated fatty acids
Total trans-monoenoic fatty acids - Total trans-polyenoic fatty acids - Total omega-3 fatty acids
Total omega-3 fatty acids 34.3mg
Total omega-6 fatty acids 277mg

The amount of vitamin C present in one cup of tuno makes up 35% of our daily value intake, while magnesium makes up 32%. It is also rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which are the healthy forms of fats that possess anti-inflammatory properties.
Now that we have a brief understanding of the nutrients found in Tuno, let's look at what the presence of these nutrients implies. The many health benefits of this fruit are discussed below.

The amount of vitamin C present in a cup of Tuno constitutes 35% of our daily value intake, while magnesium constitutes 32%. It is also rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which are the healthy forms of fats that possess anti-inflammatory properties.
Now that we have a brief understanding of the nutrients found in Tuno, let's look at what the presence of these nutrients implies. The many health benefits of this fruit are discussed below.

What are the health benefits attributed to the Tuno Indio Canario?

Some studies suggest multiple health benefits of the tuno including its ability to lower cholesterol levels, aid weight loss, improve the digestive process, fight cancer cells, lower the risk of diabetes, boost the immune system and reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

The properties described below are taken from studies carried out in different countries by various organisations and universities. Ledesma Global S.L. is not responsible for the inappropriate use of its products or the use of its products for therapeutic purposes. Ledesma Global S.L. only reports and translates studies from different sources of verified information.

Learn about the health benefits attributed to this fruit from the testimonies of the thousands of people who eat it every day.

It has a high fibre content, which is why it is also an adjuvant in low-calorie diets for weight loss, as it increases satiety and delays gastric emptying. So if you are thinking of following a diet, it can also be a valuable ally.

Undoubtedly, the effect for which it is most commonly used is to eliminate fluid retention, especially when it occurs in the legs. This is due to its high quercetin, rutin or rutoside and vitamin C content, as well as its high mineral salt content. Therefore, apart from its diuretic effect, it will improve the return circulation, relieving the symptoms of tired legs.

1. Potential role in weight management

Obesity is a worldwide epidemic and should be tackled as soon as possible. Instead of resorting to extreme measures such as harmful drugs or surgery, a simple solution to this problem could be to consume lots of dietary fibre. Tuno contains fibre that will make you feel fuller for longer and reduce hunger pangs. It can also help eliminate dietary fat by binding and excreting it from the system. As the intestines do not have the opportunity to absorb dietary fat, this fruit can effectively help with weight control and even weight loss (Link to Scientific Source: 2).

2. May help lower cholesterol

Continuing on the weight loss tangent, tuno can also help lower blood cholesterol levels. Its fibre (pectin) content may be considered responsible for this, as some studies suggest that it helps to remove LDL cholesterol from the body. Experiments have shown that tuno can reduce both plasma and liver cholesterol levels (Link to Scientific Source: 3 and 4). In addition, certain phytosterols found in cactus seed oil appear to be able to alter cholesterol metabolism in a positive way (Link to Science Source: 5), so hyperlipidaemia, the condition of high cholesterol levels, appears to be controlled as well.

3. Source of essential micronutrients

The essential micronutrients found in the tuno are vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6, riboflavin, niacin, iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium. Of these, the highest % of DV is in the hands of vitamin C and magnesium (Link to Scientific Source: 6). Regular consumption of a cup of this fruit can provide your body with these micronutrients that are required for various physiological and metabolic processes.

4. Studies suggest it helps fight cancer cells.

Flavonoid compounds in the tuno may reduce the risk of breast, prostate, stomach, pancreatic, ovarian, cervical and lung cancers. They were shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in laboratory and mouse models. They also appear to cause the death of these cancer cells at higher concentrations (Link to Scientific Source: 7). These compounds also appear to have the ability to scavenge free radicals and enhance the activities of pro-oxidant enzymes.

5. May prevent ulcers

Both physical and mental stress can cause changes in the gastrointestinal mucosa and lead to gastric ulcers. Inflammation occurs as there is an increase in pro-inflammatory compounds that damage the gastric wall. The positive effect of the fruit on the gastric mucosa is facilitated mainly by a compound called betanin found in the fruit. The production of gastric mucus is regulated and there is also a reduction in pro-inflammatory chemicals. As a result, the chances of developing ulcers appear to be greatly reduced by consumption of tuno (Link to Scientific Source: 8).

6. May regulate blood sugar

Prickly pear is often touted for its hypoglycaemic activity. This means that ingestion of this fruit or its extract can reduce high blood glucose levels and maintain normal levels. Experiments in diabetic and anti-diabetic rats have shown a decrease in blood glucose levels. The main mechanism for this reduction is a decrease in intestinal glucose absorption (Link to Scientific Source: 9 and 10). The fibre and pectin content of cactus fruit is thought to be responsible for this activity. Once blood sugar levels are under control, type II diabetes can be easily controlled.

7. Indian Prickly Pear cleanses the colon

The high fibre content of Tuno not only helps in reducing blood sugar/glucose and cholesterol levels, but also helps in regulating the overall functioning of the colon. Sufficient glucose is absorbed and unhealthy fats and excess bile are eliminated from the body. This keeps the colon in optimal health. Inflammation and oxidative stress to which the colon is subjected are also alleviated. The antioxidants present in tuno eliminate free radicals and inflammation-inducing compounds, cleansing and protecting the colon (Link to Scientific Source: 11).

8. Calms the stomach

In Mexico, tuno is commonly used as a dietary supplement. People consume tuno daily to regularise their bowel movements. This helps maintain a healthy digestive system and prevents constipation. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of compounds found in tuno figs are also responsible for supporting stomach health and soothing the stomach (Link to Scientific Source: 12).

9. Protects the liver

We often consume carcinogens and other compounds that can damage the liver without realising the damage they can cause. Here's a solution. Consume tuno as juice or in the form of jams or jellies to prevent liver damage. It contains many antioxidants that can reduce oxidative stress caused by such compounds in the liver. It exerts hepatoprotective activity mainly by scavenging free radicals and increasing the body's antioxidant activity against these compounds (Link to Scientific Source: 13).

10. Reduces hangovers

This fruit has the ability to reduce the effects of a hangover. Prickly pear juice reduces the production of inflammatory mediators that induce the uncomfortable feeling during an alcohol hangover. It also reduces other symptoms such as nausea and dry mouth (Link to Scientific Source: 14).

11. May boost the immune system

The vitamin C content of Tuno is responsible for this particular health benefit. Vitamin C boosts the body's immune response against various infections. It increases the production of white blood cells that undertake the process of killing and eliminating infectious micro-organisms from the body. Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant and reduces free radical damage throughout the body. This also gives a boost to the immune system (Link to Scientific Source: 15 and 16).

12. May reduce the risk of colon cancer

Prickly pear contains various types of antioxidants such as flavonoids, quercetins, gallic acid, phenolic compounds, betacyanins, etc. The antioxidant activity of these was tested against colon cancer cell lines and the viability of these cells was greatly affected by them (Link to Scientific Source: 17). Quercetin, in particular, plays a key role in interrupting a certain pathway involved in the development of cancer cells (Link to Scientific Source: 18).

13. May protect against heart disease

The fibre content of Tuno helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the body and maintain blood pressure. Therefore, hypertension and bad cholesterol are controlled. These factors are associated with atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and other heart diseases. The antioxidants in cactus fruit also help to improve cardiovascular health (Link to Scientific Source: 19 and 20). The biologically active flavonoids in tunos normalise blood platelet stickiness, which helps maintain good cardiovascular health (Link to Science Source: 21). Therefore, alternative medicine practitioners often recommend consuming tuno to alleviate cardiovascular disease.

14. May relieve hypertension (high blood pressure).

Tuno is rich in the mineral potassium. When ingested, this mineral can reduce pressure on blood vessels and lower elevated blood pressure levels. Regular intake of tuno can maintain normal blood pressure levels and relieve hypertension. The betalain found in this fruit also strengthens the inner walls of blood vessels, which helps promote cardiovascular health (Link to Scientific Source: 22).

15. May protect against osteoporosis

This fruit is anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antihistamine in nature. It also contains flavonoids that prevent the release of compounds that aid in joint and muscle inflammation caused by gout, arthritis, exercise, fibromyalgia and allergies. Osteoporosis, which is essentially an inflammatory disease, can be prevented and treated by supplementing with tuno (Link to Scientific Source: 23).

16. May prevent strokes

A decrease in total body fat and elevated levels of cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure can affect cardiovascular health in a very positive way. As these levels are reduced in the body, the risk of stroke or heart attack decreases (Link to Scientific Source: 24 and 25).

17. It may reduce the frequency of migraine headaches.

Migraine is a chronic inflammatory condition characterised by a severe headache (usually on one side of the head) with impaired digestion and vision. To alleviate this inflammation, anti-inflammatory compounds are needed. These are found in abundance in the fruit of the tuno, especially in the compound indicaxanthin. This is technically a dietary pigment that can reduce various pro-inflammatory factors in the body (Link to Scientific Source: 26). If consumed frequently, this fruit can help people deal with migraines. It also reduces their intensity and frequency.

18. Relieves premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Cramps, back pain, headaches and breast tenderness are common symptoms that women experience during PMS. Most of these symptoms are associated with increased levels of prostaglandins (hormone-like chemicals) in the body. Tuno is known to inhibit prostaglandin synthesis and alleviate PMS symptoms (Link to Scientific Source: 27).

19. Strengthens bones and teeth

Our teeth and bones are composed of calcium, and our diet is the only source of this mineral. The body obviously cannot synthesise calcium on its own. One cup of fresh prickly pear pulp contains 83 milligrams of calcium, which is approximately 8% of the FDA's recommended daily intake. This calcium intake will strengthen our bones and teeth (Link to Scientific Source: 28).

20. Promotes digestive health

Fibre is an important part of our diet when it comes to digestive health. And tuno is loaded with fibre. This aids in the smooth digestion of various components of the food we eat and enhances the activity of digestive enzymes. In addition, the fibre in the fruit can help to smoothly eliminate waste from the body (Link to Scientific Source: 29).

21. Makes your nails healthy

Prickly pear seed oil can be used to moisturise dry and damaged nails and restore nail and cuticle health. It contains moisturising fatty acids such as linoleic acid, oleic acid and palmitic acid. Small concentrations of other fatty acids are also found (Link to Scientific Source: 30).
What are the benefits of prickly pear for the skin?

The seeds of this fruit are cold pressed to prepare a beauty oil. It has many properties that give it the following benefits:

22. Contains nutrients with possible anti-ageing properties.

Contains vitamins E and K to soften the skin. It also contains a good amount of moisturising and nourishing fatty acids for the skin. They prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, which makes the oil a good anti-ageing agent (Link to Scientific Source: 30).

23. May act as an anti-inflammatory agent.

The oil from this xerophytic plant has great inflammation-fighting capabilities due to the presence of anti-inflammatory compounds. Betalains and phenolic compounds exert this effect when the oil is applied topically to the skin. Swelling and irritation due to insect bites, scrapes or inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis can be reduced by applying this oil.

24. Brightens skin tone

This oil is also often used for its skin lightening properties. Linoleic acid (Canary Island Prickly Pear contains much more than Prickly Pear), which is a fatty acid, not only nourishes the skin but also removes dullness. It also protects the skin from UV radiation (Link to Scientific Source: 31).

25. Helps achieve smoother skin

It is super moisturising for dull and dry skin. The linoleic, oleic and palmitic fatty acids, which are found in high proportions in prickly pear kernel oil, provide the skin with the oils it lacks.

26. Helps with cuts, wounds and blemishes

Phenolic compounds are also found in good concentrations in the oil, which exert antioxidant effects on the skin and help repair damaged skin (Link to Scientific Source: 32). Cut wounds, scars and other imperfections that may have formed due to various reasons will begin to heal and fade over time. Apply this oil regularly to reap its healing benefits.

27. Reduces dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes form due to many reasons. Lack of sleep, dehydration and oxidative stress are the main factors that can cause the under-eye area to become dull and have a bluish-purple tint. Prickly pear seed oil contains skin-nourishing fatty acids that also possess skin-lightening properties. Together, these properties can help lighten dark circles under the eyes.

All these properties make prickly pear seed oil an excellent choice for mature, ageing and/or damaged skin.

Now let's take a look at the benefits of prickly pear for your hair.

How prickly pear benefits your hair?

Both the fruit and the oil from its seeds can be used to smooth hair texture, reduce hair loss, stimulate hair growth and improve overall hair health.

28. Nourishes hair

We already know that the oil from the seeds of this cactus fruit contains many fatty acids, minerals and vitamins that can benefit the skin. Similarly, they can also nourish the scalp and hair by providing healthy oils that may be lacking. Special mention is required for the vitamin E content of Tuno which can deeply condition the hair.

29. Makes your hair shine

You can use tuno oil to make your hair shinier. This oil can give you twice the amount of fatty acids and proteins than argan oil, which is a popular oil used to restore hair's natural shine.

30. Reduces hair loss

The pulp of this fruit is often added to hair care products as its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds can alleviate many scalp conditions and, in turn, reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth (Link to Scientific Source: 33 and 34).

31. Natural hair conditioner

Those were the best benefits of prickly pear for your skin, hair and health. See the next section to find out how to make prickly pear a wonderful addition to your diet.

Disclaimer: These products do NOT replace medical therapy in any way. Nor do they allow you to interrupt ongoing medical therapies or modify them in any way.



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These most favorable conditions at the Islands helps the plant to develop fully with all its potential. Scientific studies also reveal that aloe grown in the Canary Islands have higher concentration of Active components (almost three times) as compared to other regions in the world. For instance, Canary Aloe has a lot of Acemannan, a type of sugar with multiple beneficial effects, as compared to the Aloe grown at other places.

MessageToOrder3We don't know lockdown and we are not a risky area, so everything goes its way. We my suppliers are constantly in the process of manufacturing their items in my online shop and most importantly, the post office in Corralejo is open so I can process your orders. Yes, we take orders!
My virtual portal #www.Fuerteventura-Shop.com.com is a product & shipping weight operating system so you can see all the product descriptions, with weights written by hand (errors not excluded) attached to each item. Like the local post office (Correos) I have a national as well as international shipping price list according to the weight of each item. I transfer these current shipping prices within the administrative backend in the shipping type list, including packaging and material costs. This means for you, that the weight of each article can be compared in the shipping costs button to find out what exactly costs 20 g, 500 g, 1 kg or more (calibrated up to 10 kg.) to Europe, Spain or USA.

Support LOCAL companies

Sample product description

Item plus packaging weight: 375 g
Letter mail: € ≈ 101 - 500 g

preperadas logo@LEO & Prepared delicacies, here not because of its Mojo Palmero or Jam Extra, but especially its rare fig cactus juice based on the Tuno Indio (#opuntia dillenii), Fuerteventura's. Increase your energy and fitness! With cactus juice (Tuno indio fig juice), a sugar-free or slightly sweetened, slightly sour but refreshing.
Ideal for a fasting or spa treatment. This rare juice is rich in antioxidants, eliminates free radicals, supports and increases the well-being of your body in general, lowers coloesterol, is rich in iron and potassium, and relatively high in vitamin C. It helps with the purification and complaints of the spleen, liver and kidneys.

Ingredients: Fig cactus juice (35% tuno indio opuntia dillenii), water, sugar, preservatives.

Craftsman product Fuerteventura # #Preperados LEO

Dropdouwn Menu #Sugar: with/ without
fruit content at least: +35%
Dimension: 0.25 Ltr Glass container/ 1Ltr. reusable container
After opening, preferably to consume, under: 3 - 12 days
Minimum shelf life: 1 year
Shipping incl. packaging costs: € (EUR) = 501 - 1001 - 2000 g

Bernardo´s Marmelade (Jam) & Mojo Sauces Tahiche Lanzarote

The history of our #Company goes back to the end of the last century, when Don Bernardo owned several restaurants in the eighties and nineties. Since then he has been a curious and proactive person in the search for new flavors. In 1993, being the owner and chef of a restaurant in Lanzarote, he began to develop a jam from a fruit that he saw was in abundance on the island and which very few people used #Tuno indio (opuntia dillenii)

At first it was only produced in very small quantities, to be sold in one of the restaurants, as a souvenir of the gastronomy of the Canary Islands. Given the very quality of the restaurant, it was an essential requirement that these jams should keep that good work in their jars, in order to create a logical symbiosis between the local food and that souvenir that the customer could take home, where the hand-written taste was on the label.

Over the next few months some shops and small supermarkets would be interested in the products. Two years after the start, in 1995, the production and marketing company would be founded. During the following years, the company would maintain a sustainable growth, expanding the range, with its first employees and creating a solid brand being a reference of quality among customers and consumers.

The beginnings are never easy, but in this case, there is the handicap of doing business from an island, where industry is scarce and where, for imports, costs are high and possibilities are low. Getting jars, sugar, labels, machinery...

@Mojo Palmero

With our brand "Bernardos Salsas" we sell our Canary mojos, soft red and hot, and green. These are made with authentic #Palmpepper , which makes them one of the best mojos on the market. It competes with the recipe of the grandmother.


Natural Cosmetic

Aoe Vera & Toxo

The ultimate natural, simple and quick solution for everyday complaints.logo paso

Toxo Gel, is a concentrate of natural extracts from 10 plants, which thanks to its logo paso direct action can fight in a natural way alogo toxogainst logo toxo everyday complaints. Muscular fatigue, rheumatism, joint or back pain, disorders related to sports or daily activity, foot irritation, insect bites, minor burns or depilation.

The skilful combination and high concentration of 10 natural and organic active ingredients allows for a very intense cold-hot, localized action on the skin, creating an immediate feeling of natural well-being and leaving the skin soft and velvety.

Follow the brand "Toxogel" Aloe & Toxo on Arancha's Facebook Account!




THE MOJO OF MARIA Made by, Natascha!Marias logo
Find in my display exquisite delicacies like Fuerteventura Foam Salt (Espuma de Sal), refined with curry, chilli, lime, mojo, wasabi or nature. Sal Marina Ð Canarias® Explore the taste of cold pressed organic aloe vera (Barbadensis Miller), with agave syrup or the wild growing prickly pear "Tuno Indio" (Opuntia dillenii), in "Maria's" jams as well as invigorating spices in mild green or peppery red Canarian Mojo Sauce. No preservatives!mermeladas Experience what it means to taste Fuertevenmermeladastura's typical island "majogrote" which is deeply rooted in our "majorero" culture and has its origins in olive oil rubbed and aged raw milk goat cheese, with a spreadable consistency. Based on "Tindaya goat cheese".
According to "grandma" Maria's family recipe on Fuerteventura/ Agua de Buyes. 100% fresh.
Follow the original Fuerteventura brand "El Mojo Ð Maria" here, on Natascha's Facebook account!

Bernados Salsas y Mermeladas LanzaroteJams from Lanzarote Island. Known for its varieties of marmalades. Bernardo's Lanzarote. High quality products online, made with typical Canarian fruits as prikly pear (Tuno Indio #opuntia dillenii) honey, basil, mango, mongus nigra and aloe vera.
Traditional Canarian Recipe
Bernardo's Marmelade - Tahiche/ Lanzarote/ Canary Islands. Bernardos Jam shop

6lnmrbp2Online Shop, für Kaffee Kaffee. Kaffeerösterei, ihrer Insel Fuerteventura. Café Café. Mit einem Duft, nach Kakao und Kaffee.

surfing basico "Aquamarine" Beachwear and Accsesoirs. Corralejo. Canary Islands. Find here, the beatifull beach wear collection. T-shirts and more. Aquamarine-Beachwear-Fuerteventura. Handprinted!

Tradition GOFIO

Unique in the world Made with the help of the windmill "La Asomada", in the municipality of Puerto del Rosario.

"Fuerteventura Gofio" is traditionally based on corn, barley or wheat. Fuerteventura gofio was previously roasted on a small wood fire, finely sieved with white sand from the nearby mountains and then ground in the family windmill, which has been restored to its former glory.

The roasting process makes it very digestible, which is why gofio flour can also be eaten raw in many dishes. In fact, there are countless simple, typically Canarian recipes with this unique food. If it is mixed with milk or water, for example, it makes a delicious diet meal. Mixed with nuts or dried fruit in a dough, it makes a nationally known cold dish.

Gofio made from barley is only available if ordered in advance!


Updated (in Process) north shore (north track) webcam view (Photo) @Wind, Weather, Waves and the 1 mile long beach coast of El Cotillo next the fortified tower (Wehrturm) "Castillo de Roque" from Fuerteventura.

The popular beach Piedra Playa in El Cotillo, is located on the south west side of the old fisher village with a realy strong current and powerfull waves perfect 4 beginners to learn tackeoff, Body boarder, Boggy boarder, Skim boarder, Surfer, Windsurfer and Kitesurfer. He is surrounded with spectacular cliffs and golden colored sand. Well situated to find similar beaches if you follow the dirty track in direction south. Take care if you go swim! 1 Lifeguard station located.

Webcam: North Track El Cotillo Playa Piedra

Sponsored by: Cotillo Sunshine Holidays

Image update: plse., actualize the page every 60 seconds to see the actualy view!

Vidaloe Fuerteventura Online Shop. Find here cosmetic lines of Barbadensis Miller like extracts, gel, hot & cold, face as well as hair and body care. 100% BIO Factory Fresh. VIDALOE FUE.

Aloe Vera products from the town of Agua de Buyes in Fuerteventura promotes skin renewal, prevents skin ageing and helps heal wounds. Vidaloe, soothes pain, itching, irritation and inflammation, while nourishing and repairing the skin. Ideal after sunbathing, in windy and cold weather, after waxing or shaving, for psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions.


made by Leo (LEO) Vorgefertigte Delikatessen. Steigere deine Energie und Fitness! Mit Kaktussaft (Tuno indio feigensaft), einem Zuckerfreien oder Schwach gesüssten, leicht säuerlich aber erfrischenden  NRG (Energy) Drink aus den violett farbenen Früchten des kanarischen Ohrenkaktus Opuntia dillenii. Reich an Aminosäuren somit nachgewiesen die Nahrungsergänzung, reich an einem hohen Gehalt an natürlichen Farbstoffen und Antioxidanzien. Kaktusfeigen Saft der Heilpflanze "tuno indio", aus der Unterfamilie der Opuntienkakteen (Cactaceae) von Fuerteventura. Der Saft ist veratwortlich bei der Heilung von Krankheiten wie Diabetes, Arteriosklerose, Hypercholesterinämie, Herzerkrankungen, Fettleibigkeit sowie Darmerkrankungen und Magengeschwüre.

Tuno-IndioDer natürlich tiefrote Kaktus Fruchtsaft ist ein Heil und Trinksaft aus der Kanarischen Volksmedizin, er sollte in kleiner Dosis verabreicht werden so stützt und steigert der Kaktusfeigensaft Leistung, das Wohlbefinden bei Stress, Sportlern und ihren Körper im Allgemeinen. Nachgewiesen bei Rekonvaleszenz und Diabetis, wirkt entzündungshemmend, ist reich an Eisen und Potassium, mit vielen Vitamin und Aminosäurearten unterstützt er die Bildung von Kollagen, ist somit wichtig für Bindegewebe und Knorpelbildung. Die Verwendung des Feigensaftes der opuntia dillenii geht auf mehr als 10.000 Jahre zurück. Der pure, hochkonzentrierte Saft der birnenartigen Früchte wurde früher für die Färbung von Hanffasern verwendet, heute macht sich die verdünnte Fassung auf die Suche nach freien Radikalen, hilft bei hohem Blutzucker, Anemie, Gelbsucht, Katarrh der Atemwege, der Entschlackung und Beschwerden der Milz, Leber, Nieren, schützt die Magen und Darmschleimhaut verbessert große Prostata Probleme, stärkt die körpereigenen Abwehrkräfte.

LEO Preparados, Fuertetuno S.L. Sanitär Registernummer: FV/21/MR/12594

Aufbewahrung vor dem Öffnen: Frisch und Trocken.

Nach dem Öffnen sollte der Kaktusfeigensaft im Kühlschrank bewahrt und innerhalb 3 Tagen verzehrt werden!

Inhaltsstoffe: Nectar (Saft) des feigenkaktus tuno indio, Wasser, Zucker/ frei, Konservierungsmittel (E330/ E300).

  • Fruchtfleischanteil: 35%
  • Ungeöffnet mindestens Haltbar: 5 Monate

absolutaloe fuerteventuraSie erhalten von mir, ein flüssiges Extrakt und pures Gel aus kontroliertem und ökologisch angebauten Aloe Barbadensis Miller von Fuerteventura der Kanarischen Inseln/ Cruce de Cardon 35625 Tuineje.

Ich bin Mitglied, des Kanarischen Verbandes der ökologischen Landwirtschaft. Handelsregister Nr. 1791F.

Absolutaloe Fuerteventura! Unsere aloevera, wird von Hand selektiert wobei nur die untersten 4 Blätter der Pflanze entnommen werden. Die Kombination ihrer Substanzen macht Absolut Aloe Gel und den Trinksaft zu einem sehr guten Zellregenerator.

Das Fruchtfleisch der Aloe Vera enthält eine hohe Menge an Inhaltstoffen wie Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, E, Kalzium, Magnesium, Mangan, Kalium, Zink, Natrium, Eisen, Proteine und Aminosäuren.

Beispiel: Eine 500 m.l. Flasche wird aus Gel mit 1500 gr. Fruchtfleisch der Aloe Barbadensis Miller aus Fuerteventura hergestellt.

Die Kombination ihrer Substanzen macht die Aloe Vera zu einem sehr guten Zellregenerator und kann bei vielen Hautproblemen helfen.

Wirkungsweise: Aloe Vera reguliert hervorragend das Zellgleichgewicht der Haut, schützt vor Austrocknung, strafft die Haut und macht sie glatt. Aloe Vera versorgt die Haut, mit regenierenden Nährstoffen, die teilweise alle 7 Hautschichten durchdringen und dort in lebende Zellen eingelagert wird. Aloe Vera verbessert die Sauerstoffaufnahme der Haut, reguliert defoto flys fuerteventuran natürlichen Sauerstoffmantel. Wirkt entzündungshemmend Schmerzlindernd, fördert den Heilungsprozess und verhindert Narbenbildung, stimuliert das Zellwachstum um das siebenfache.

Anwendungsgebiete: Hautpflege, Sonnenalergie, Schürfwunden, Schnittwunden, Verbrennungen, Verätzungen, Akne, Schuppenflechte, Hautpilze, Warzen, Gelenkschmerzen, Muskelschmerzen, Rheumabeschwerden, Pigment und dunklen Flecken. Arthritis, Hämoriden etc.

Das flüssige Extrakt,, hergestellt mit nur 1% Staatlich vorgeschriebenen Konservierungsstoffen.

Mit dem Erwerb dieses Produktes, erhalten Sie ein kontroliertes, ökologisches und natürliches Produkt aus dem Biosphärenreservat Fuerteventura. Seit 1997.


Unser Gofio ist ein Getreidegericht, hergestellt in der Windmühle "La Asomada" hoch über Puerto del Rosario. Gofio aus Fuerteventura hat hier eine uralte Tradition. Die Funde von Töpferwaren der Ureinwohner weisen Reste von Getreiden auf.

Das antike Geheimnis um die hocharomatischen goldgelben Mais, Weizen und Gerstenkärner ist, sie wurden geröstet und dann erst gemahlen.

SET Saiten für die Timple Canario.
Über die Saiten der TIMPLE von ROYAL CLASSICS & DOMINGO RODRIGUEZ "El Colorado"
"in den Saiten von Royal Classics fand ich die Balance zwischen Spannung und Klang, zwischen dem Folkloristischen und Modernen, zwischen Klassischem und Populärem".
Die Royal Classics Saiten, sind Charakteristisch für ihr Potenz und Brillanz. Über Karbon Saiten von Royal Classics...Bis heute waren sie prinzipiell der Gitarre vorbehalten. Nun präsentiert ihnen ROYAL CLASSICS die großen Vorteile des KARBON, um die Kanarische TIMPLE noch Eindrucksvoller und Transparenter erklingen zu lassen.

Ja nun, es ist soweit der erste Ziegenmilch Likör ist auf dem Markt und wie kann es anders sein, ist es die Milch der weltweit einzigartigen Rasse der "majorera" Ziege aus Fuerteventura. Begeistern Sie sich hier: LIKÖR Seifen, Gesunde Power der weltweit wenigsten Produzenten aus purer, ungekochter oder sogenannter Rohmilch (Leche cruda), der Majorera Ziege stärkt nicht nur ihr Immunsystem.! Der pikante, milde Geschmack den auch Kinder gerne Mögen wurde bislang oft prämiert und gilt als einer der besten der Welt. So wie zB. dieser hier, der des QUESO DE LECHE CRUDA DE CABRA MAJORERA: Ziegenkäse: QUESO MAJORERO Con Denominacion de Origen.

Warum ohne Parabene.? CanaryAloe und alle anderen hier vorgestellten Aloe Vera Verarbeitenden Firmen entscheiden sich gegen Parabene und sorgen sich stattdessen um die Verbesserung der Qualität ihrer Produkte. Es ist die  Reaktion auf die Kundennachfrage aufgrund des schlechten Ruf, der Parabene in den letzten Jahren.

Parabene wurden vor kurzem neu formuliert, alle Kosmetikprodukte steigerten ihren Inhalt an Aloe Vera und als Ersatz für natürliche Konservierungsstoffe nahmen sie Parabene.

Parabene, sind Breitspektrum-Konservierungsmittel verantwortlich für die Zerstörung der zahlreichen Keime (Bakterien, Pilze ...), die alle Formeln von Kosmetika entwickeln können. Sie sind auch in den Bereichen Pharma und Nahrungsmittel, Getränke und Joghurts zu finden. Die Parabene sind Ester von 4-Hydroxybenzoesäure, auch als p-Hydroxybenzoesäure oder p-Hydroxybenzoesäure. Die häufigsten Parabene sind Methylparaben (Methylparaben, E-Nummer E218), Ethylparaben (Ethylparaben, E214), Propylparaben (Propylparaben, E216) und Butylparaben (Butylparaben). Andere, weniger häufige: isobutilparabeno (Isobutylparaben) isopropilparabeno (Isopropylparaben) bencilparabeno (Benzylparaben).

Einige Studien wurden veroeffentlicht und haben zu einer wissenschaftlichen Debatte gefuehrt, es wurden Kontroversen über E-Mail verbreitet und Diskussionen gefuehrt. Diese Kontroverse hat sich besorgt über die mögliche krebserregende Wirkung von Parabenen und östrogenen Wirkungen im Dauereinsatz als Konservierungsmittel, obwohl die wissenschaftliche Gemeinschaft hat keine Beziehung mit Krebs und die meisten Spiele, dass jede Verursachung unwahrscheinlich ist gefunden. Die meisten der Kosmetikindustrien halten die sichere Verwendung Parabene aufrecht, der auf den Sicherheitstandards, den langfristigen Einsatz und den jüngsten wissenschaftlichen Studien basieren. Es gibt jedoch auch Organisationen, die weitere Studien betreiben die erforderlich sind, um die Sicherheit von Parabenen, basierend auf dem Vorsorgeprinzip zu demonstrieren.


Cabra Vitruviana

Hausgemachter Litografie Druck, von Fuerteventura.

DAIGUAL by Alberto 2009/ Villaverde/ FUERTEVENTURA.

Hochwertige Lithografie auf hochwertigen T-Shirts. Ein cooler Spruch "Macht nichts" (Mir Egal), oder wie in unserer Sprache "Me da igual" gepaart mit ein wenig Phantasie. Die hochwertigen, von Hand gefertigten Lithografischen Drucke auf der Rückseite des Herren T-Shirts, sind unempfindlich. Me da igual, wenn Sie das Lithografie Design bei 90º waschen, oder Bügeln.

Ilove-FV-KategorieI love FV. Modische Farben. Typische Design's Fuerteventura Kurzarm T-Shirts für Damen tailliert und Klassich geschnittene Herren Shirts geeignet auch für Kids ab 14. Original I love FV Fuerteventura Print. 100% Baumwolle. Siebdruck, handgemacht! Made in Fuerte. SOLs Value weight Qualität.

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