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Actualized: 15.07.22/ 12:58h

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Shipments from a non-EU country such as Fuerteventura. Customs duties are payable for orders from Europe, USA, also from mainland Spain except for shipments within the Canary Islands.

Whether and how much import duty is payable depends on the value of the goods and the type of shipment. The value limits apply to private individuals and commercial recipients, regardless of whether the item was sent under the Universal Postal Convention or by an express or courier service provider. The value limits also apply to gifts from or to companies.

The value in kind of the item is decisive for determining whether the value limit of 150 has been complied with. The decisive factor is the amount actually paid to receive the goods. If the final invoice amount includes postage costs that are not recognisable or have been shown separately, they remain in the material value. The same applies to taxes and duties (e.g. value added tax due in the Union or third-country value added tax) if these are listed in the relevant documents (e.g. invoice).

Subject: European Union
Despite a political affiliation to Spain and the European Union, the Canary Islands are considered a special area for tax purposes. Therefore, the customs regulations for imports from non-EU countries apply to the Canary Islands.
It is advisable to inform yourself about the customs duties with every import, as they are constantly changing!

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