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9 - 12 Labory days

{slider How to order, and find out shipping prices?}

My virtual portal #www.Fuerteventura-Shop.com, is an operating system based on product weight so you can see all product descriptions, with weight information written by hand (errors not excluded).
The local post office (Correos), leads a national as well as international dispatch price list after weight of the product. Since 2009, I enter these current prices within the administrative backend (list of shipping methods), including packaging and material costs (by the way, in the meantime I use newspaper, without bubble wrap, with exceptions to ensure safe arrival)

This means that the weight of the product can be checked against my #Shipping Costs Button to find out exactly how much cost 20 gr. or 1, 2 kg. or 6 kilograms to Europe, even Spain or USA.

With the knowledge of the product weight, click the #Shipping Costs button to find out the exact shipping price.

Customs taxes, depending on the value of the goods, are not included in the price for import into the EU and USA. Spain and the Canary Islands are excluded from customs taxes.

Example Item info:

  • Item plus pack. weight: 375 g
  • Shipping incl.  pack. costs: € (EUR) = 101 - 500 g

Further, resulting customs duties at import, excluded.

Your support, is the world for me! Thank you very much,

{slider What have, empty space and shipping costs in common?}

{slider Is there any insurance for parcel or registered letter?}

My certified package or letter mail are insured up to 30 EUR value of goods by the post office (Correos/ Corralejo), in case of loss.

Something else fits in my package. If I consider the weight on which the shipping price is based, round up or add up all product weights, add a light product (soap, hand cream etc.) as a stopgap and fill the empty space upwards to 500, 1000 or 10000 grams.

{slider Where is the national shipmant locater ?}

Thise way plse: #national Shippmant tracker

{slider Why, i can not make an order?}

Than ask a question about the possibility and enter your destination into the shipping list!

{slider Send; currently due to the health crisis by COVID-19?}

Due to the rules of COVID-19 in Spain, yess i can currently send goods to the EU, UK or USA. We have therefore temporarily reduced the shop items.

{slider How long does it take to process my order after receipt of payment?}

1 - 3 working days via PayPal!
1 - 3 working days by credit card!
3 - 6 working days by advance payment!

{slider Which payment options are there for me?}

Credit card
Cash in advance!

{slider Why are packaging costs included in the shipping costs?}

These are costs that are incurred by the skillful packing, so that everything arrives at its destination undamaged, just like in original CorreosCorreos boxes, parcels, envelopes or letters from the local post office. The prices of packaging materials included in the list for Packaging, Import VAT & Shipping are currently taken from the Price List 2020 @Correos GrupoCorreos (Spanish Postal Service) and are administratively entered in the list of shipping methods according to the article.

{slider How can I order?}

With a personal registration, where you only need to specify the delivery address and payment conditions!

{slider Why, I cannot order?}

It seems your location is not listed! Then please ask me #here, a question and let me add your country to my shipping method list!

{slider Where can I find the registered code number?}

After the parcel has been brought to the post office, I generate a status mail and a personally sent e-mail, with details of the day and time of the parcel's arrival. Arrival place your mailbox or spam folder! For letters and small or large packages, the tracking number or code has the following digit example: A-Z1234567ES or RF1234567ES

{slider Where is the tracking national and why?}

My service is done. The parcel will be handed over to the recipient. Therefore, as long as my parcel is in Spain and before it arrives in my country, the status of the national tracking is taken care of by "Localizador de Envios / ES/ EN" online. To check the tracking number or tracking code, please enter the tracking code online there! If the package has left the Spanish territory, please check with Deutsche Post/ DHL Onlline.

{slider Where is my order?}

With the Deutsche Post tracking system you will always know where your letters and parcels are. Start query!

{slider How can I always keep track of the status of my parcel through DHL?}

With the DHL tracking system, I can track my parcels and see the estimated time of delivery if my parcel has already reached the German territory. For the tracking, I simply enter my tracking number and the current status is displayed in the package tracking. In the next step I will receive all important detailed information about my package.

{slider Will I also be served in Switzerland?}

My country, e.g. Switzerland is listed in the online shop system, so I am also served here!

{slider How is raw milk goat cheese (mature/semi-matured) shipped from Fuerteventura?}

Vacuum Packed / Not Refrigerated / Air Cushion or paper and cardboard packed.

{slider Can you send me the Aloe Vera to Germany?}

Here, in the following linked Aloeverashop I find my cold pressed Aloe Vera Kometik of Barbadensis Miller from Fuerteventura for DE/ EU/ USA

{slider Must pay tax or custom duties if its arrived in my country}

Check for further information #Custom Regulations

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