Canarian Mild Mojo Sauce Bernardo's 250 m.l.

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Canarian mojo sauce, made with real #Palm pepper.

Seasoning sauce (Mojo palmero) is ideal with "Papas arugadas", the so-called wrinkled potatoes or as well as for marinating poultry or grilled meat. They are also suitable as a dip for fish and meat dishes, French fries, vegetables, toast, potatoes or corn chips.

Ingredients: Pepper, vinegar, salt, garlic, vegetarian oil, thickener, xantam gum, herbs.

Traditional Canarian Recipe
Bernardo's Sauces - Tahiche/ Lanzarote/ Spanien

  • Content: 1 Unit/ 250 m.l.
  • Flavour: Mild
  • Color/ Conservants: Without
  • Fertiliser/ Plant protection use: Without
  • Best before: 1 Year
  • Item plus pack. weight: 375 g
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