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Fleur de Sel Fuerteventura 130 g

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9,95 € each Weight: 276 g

  • Content: 130 g
  • Container: Glass
  • Item plus pack.: 278 g
  • Certified mail: EUR = 101 - 500 g

Our traditional "fleur de sel" (flower of the salt) is natural, rich in trace elements and low in sodium. This makes it a heahlty fine crunchy salt, whitch turns a single dish into a delicious treat.
The ancient salt flats are noruishedby the sea foam released by the waves breacking against the saltader. The salineros salt worker, tacke care of the concentration and sun drying process by controling every single detail and selecting the best grains, which are manuall packed. The care we handle our sea salt which is envoirnmentlly friendl and respect the salt flat natural cycles which allows our salt to preserve allt this properties in a sustinable way.


3th Concurso Sal Marina Agrocanarias

Las Salinas del Carmen

Salt from Fuerteventura

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